Deceitful Men

So, I had a friend that moved to colorado. He went into electronic sales. Then, they legalized marijuana growth in the state. He started on that bandwagon. Then, he came back to here. We talk about it sometime. I wonder if the NSA would pick up on that and think we were actually dealing it.

For those reasons, I am apprehensive when it comes to things that are illegal in one jurisdiction but legal in another. Just the association with someone that looks bad could get me in the line for unneeded data collection by the NSA. So, I am not very keen on this and I hope that the NSA would look at such talk and dismiss it. Still, the uncertainty is what really makes me uneasy with privacy concerns. I consider privacy as a place to go to without the prying eyes of anyone of any jurisdiction, and even roomates I live alongside of. I am thankful that I have my own bedroom I can retreat to and if I’m in the middle of typing up assignments such as this and my roomates are bugging me, it makes me very touchy.

The line might be drawn on the fact that when I transmit communications outside of my house or private residence, that it is immediately not my private concern. However, I think that the matter extends to private business. I guess I mean private in terms of sending mail back and forth. I might not be too disturbed about spying at the get go but thinking about it I do not really enjoy the fact that the NSA could look at my credit card numbers.

The video we watched by Nova called “The Spy Factory” had an official quote it was not easy to harvest this information. Again, though, if a person is worth pursing by the NSA then it stands to reason that the legal system needs get involved from the get-go. A magistrate can be taken into confidence that a person is being deceitful. Spying is as much deceit as anything that a person is deceitful at.

However, I go back to what I said before and that my colleagues have echoed in that no one cares until someone is knocking at their front door. I will end with a quote from Machiavelli from The Prince: “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”


One thought on “Deceitful Men”

  1. I am from Colorado and i agree very much so in what you are saying.Privacy is huge when it comes to our personal lives. You did a good job on pulling me into what you were saying and i found the whole thing interesting from start to finish. Maybe there is more we could do about privacy that will put all of us at ease. With the technology changing everyday we will never know what lies ahead for our future, lets just hope they do something with our privacy.

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