I am a Late Adopter of New Technology

Economics affect adoption of new technologies in the past for me.  As the text “Understanding Communication Technologies” by Dr Jennifer Meadows says, that likely my economics reasoning is the reason that contributes to my adoption of new technologies over others. Meadows corroborate this in relative constancy by asking the question of ”do people keep adding new entertainment media or do they adjust by dropping one for in favor of another?” (pg. 55) However,  an Meadows briefly talks about this in other factors, but for me economics factors are the reason I do not adopt newer technologies. For example, and corroborating with Meadows, certain content available online reduces the need for immediacy and makes brick and mortar stores less appealing. Thus, if I wanted a book in Amazon and it is carried by say Barnes and Nobles, I do not have to purchase it now and can purchase it months later when a premier brick and mortar store might stop carrying it. Even then, I may be able to get the book at a cheaper price than a brick and mortar store.

The effect on the introduction and acceleration of new technologies sometimes hold me back. Meadows explains this in certain categories from As such, by association between early adopters and early majority is explained here in the gap between the two and the expectation of how we communicate. My adopting and use of new technologies does not align me as an Innovator or Early Adopter. I fit into the early majority to the late majority. I say that I am either an early majority or late majority because if I hear that the new Xbox One game console has several bugs but is available whereas the Playstation 4 does not have so many reported bugs. I would be much more likely to buy the Playstation 4 console. However, Playstation 4’s are not as readily available in stores according to a friend that works for an electronics store. Accordingly, if say a Playstation 4 would cost more than the Xbox console, I would not buy it so readily, either.

Another example of communication and the reason why I am a late adopter is also purely due to social interaction. My Hardware Technologies professor for my Associate in Applied Science specifically commented that he waits and would recommend we wait until a year after a new Microsoft Windows release due to the level of bugs that Microsoft works out of them in the year that tend to make them tolerable. The information was during the time of Windows XP and Windows 2000 but the fact is that my professor was essentially in the early majority that was more skeptical. Yet, at the same time, he was also an opinion leader. The interaction though shows the power shows an example of the interaction and acceleration of new technologies have on how we communicate. I tend to listen and sometimes respond to friends and family choices. I got an android phone over an Iphone because most of my friends had an android phone.

Meadows, Dr. Jennifer H. “Understanding Communications Technologies” n.p., n.v., n.d., Web. 27 Jan 2014.


3 thoughts on “I am a Late Adopter of New Technology”

  1. I definitely agree that in this day and age economics plays a big part in whether or not I am quick to buy a new piece of technology. Since the latest popular gadgets usually aren’t cheap, I think waiting a little before you buy is always a good idea. Your example of the current battle between the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 is a very accurate representation of this. Not only am I concerned with which system actually functions better but I want to see which becomes more popular so I’m not left with an expensive device no one uses down the road. Waiting is usually also useful so companies have time to work out the bugs as your professor mentioned about Microsoft.

  2. I have never really thought about one’s economic status playing a role in what kind of adopter they are, but you are right. I have thought about how the price decreases after a product is on the market or after newer products come out. I never thought about how economics comes into play. You raised a very interesting point. I also like your discussion about social interaction playing a role in the type of adopter that you are and the influence that others have on you when it comes to buying a new product. If all of your friends say that the Android is great and it works for them, then why wouldn’t you pursue that type of technology?

  3. I really like your concept of economics relating to when you adopt. Honestly, if I had the money I would have every new gadget I could get. Also, I enjoyed the way you said Amazon is usually cheaper than a brick and mortor store. I buy alot of online digital copies of xbox games not because its more convienient but because they are cheaper without shipping/handling/ etc

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